Already as children, we very early began responding to cues on how to conduct ourselves. These cues helped define us throughout our development, and, the more consistent the cues were – the more confident we felt about our ability to fit in with the world around us.
As we matured, we found ourselves playing many different roles within various social settings and, in turn, responding to many more cues. While the head of a multi-national corporation may exhibit uncompromising authority at work because he/she needs to, the same person is likely to have an entirely different personality at home when relaxing with the family. And, in the same way, a university instructor may seem to be very different in the classroom than when he/she is hiking in the mountains with friends.
So – when I sat down to write ‘about me’, I wondered where to begin – with the person I was years ago, the person I am today, or the person I aspire to become?
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We All Have a Story, So Here is Mine

Powerful Men’s Immersion Workshop in Birmingham, UK (April, 2016)

Not long ago, I stood face to face with a broken heart and a crumbling reality. The clues that I had relied on had sent me mixed messages, and, having lost my self-confidence, I was suddenly less sure of myself than I can remember. However, amid the ruins of a shattered relationship, I realized that it was also a defining moment of my life – the death of the person I was and the rebirth of someone entirely different. I then decided to seek out all of my hidden insecurities and, in the process, discovered my own inner wisdom. That is when my spiritual journey began. From that moment onwards, what I had discovered and am still discovering about myself is something way more beautiful than I have ever imagined. And, I am thankful for every single experience that led me down this path for I have received a chance to become a better self.
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